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This blog by Moiz Karimjee is meant to provide updates, discuss issues  in the second edition of LexisNexis publication Issues in Criminal Trials and Summary Appeal Law or discuss recent issues of interest in the practice of summary appeals and trial advocacy.

The following notice in the book is also applicable to this blog:

Issues in Criminal Trials and Summary Appeal Law, Second Edition

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Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

Karimjee, Moiz
[Summary appeals and trial advocacy]

Issues in criminal trials and summary appeal law / Moiz Karimjee. — Second edition.

Includes index.
Previously published under title: Summary appeals and trial

ISBN 978-0-433-49683-0 (softcover)

1. Appellate procedure—Canada. 2. Summary judgments—Canada. 3. Judgments, Criminal—Canada. 4. Criminal procedure—Canada.
I. Title. II. Title: Summary appeals and trial advocacy

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